A Nevada resident since 2000, Renae gained an appreciation of nature at a young age, hiking the rural areas of Michigan with her father who introduced her to all the local flora and fauna.

She moved to the west coast for university and shortly after graduation chose a different path, embarking on a career as a court reporter; a job which requires a strong focus and the ability to listen - tools that she employs in her photography.

In 1996 her golden retriever puppy, Diva, kindled her interest in photography. Renae began Kibble Kreations, sending amusing pictures of the "granddog" back to her parents in Michigan.

This simple need to communicate has developed into her desire to share her vision of the beauty she sees in nature; Feng Foto was created with that goal in mind.

"...with beauty before me may I walk, with beauty behind me may I walk, with beauty above me may I walk, with beauty all around me may I walk.... hozho nahasdii" (excerp from the Navajo Beauty Way Ceremony)